URGENT AND TIME SENSITIVE: Caucus Period for Primary Run-Off for NC Secretary of State: Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner begins Tuesday, 6/5 and ends Wednesday, 6/12.

To: Asheville Tea Party/Asheville Tea PAC

From iCaucus National: Dara Bailey,National Vetting Director darab@icaucus.org (619)931-9368 and Jane Bilello, iCaucus NC CQQ Coordinator jane.bilello@gmail.com 828 692 3117 www.icaucus.org

Re URGENT AND TIME SENSITIVE: Caucus Period for Primary Run-Off for NC Secretary of State: Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner begins Tuesday, 6/5 and ends Wednesday, 6/12.

Dear Patriots,

You are being called upon to participate in our election process in the July 17th run-off. (The Name of Your Group goes here) as part of the iCaucus Affiliate group program, has the opportunity to directly affect the election process by choosing thoroughly vetted, Constitutionally conservative candidates. We have worked hard to bring this to you. Please Participate. You have until Wednesday, June 13th to complete watching the interview and caucus. The vote will be posted after 6/13 under the interviews for a period of 4 days. If you are a group leader and have not yet registered your group as an Affiliate and are receiving this and you wish to join us and have your members participate in this grassroots effort, go to www.icaucus.org “Get Involved”/Affiliate Groups/AG Member Registration. (Click on the link in the blue sign in box.)

Directions: If you are not already registered on the iCaucus site and you have never participated in the caucus or vote, follow steps “To register” 1 – 5 below. If you are registered on the iCaucus site, go to step 6.

To register:

1. Go to www.icaucus.org
2. On the right side of the page, click Affiliate Group Individual Registration
3. Fill in the boxes with your name, etc. Make sure you include your “group name”: Asheville Tea PAC, Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Caldwell Tea Party, CAUTION, Cherokee 9.12, Feet to The Fire (FTTF), Haywood 9.12, Polk 9.12, Randolph Tea Party, Sons of Liberty Riders, Shelby County Tea Party

4. In the “Standards of Conduct” section, check “I agree with the standards of conduct.”
5. Go To the bottom and click “Register.” Watch for an email from iCaucus to verify your email address. It could go to SPAM or Junk Mail Folder.

To Participate in the iCaucus Period for NC Secretary of State Candidates, Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner:

6. Sign in to the iCaucus website: www.icaucus.org

7. Go to right side of the page to the “Login” box and log-in with your registered user and password.

8. Go to ‘Resources” at the top right of the page.

9. On “Resources” menu, scroll down to “State Races 2012” and click.

10. Scroll down the page to “North Carolina Races” and click. On the “North Carolina Races’ page, scroll down to ” #16 – NC Secretary of State Run-Off 2012.”

On page “#16 – NC Secretary of State Run-Off 2012,” you will see Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner’s bio, picture and the interview. Click on the right arrow play button to listen to the interview.

Below the interviews there is an “Add Comment” box. Please leave comments/questions, etc. for the candidates and for each other. This is the place to ‘caucus.’

After a week, the caucus period will end, and a Voting Ballot will appear on the page below the interviews. The voting will end June 18th. Only those individuals in your group who have registered and listenend to the interviews can vote.

NOTE: Campaign Managers, Family Members are NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE. In addition, to protect the integrity of the vote, iCaucus National Affiliate Group director checks with grassroots leaders to make sure the voters are members of their groups. Tea party/Affiliate Group leaders are urged to place new members to the group on a separate list until the caucus/vote is over for this race. Again, to protect the integrity of the vote and to make sure the vote is not ‘thrown.’

If you have questions, please call Jane at 828 682 3117 or Dara Bailey at 619 931 9368. And, thank you for participating in this Citizen Led Job Interview. Let’s get the party hacks out of our elections and have “Integrity Triumph Over Big Money Special Interests..” Thank you.

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