Voter Fraud: Rep David Lewis Thinks Demand for Voter ID on Absentee Ballots by Nixing the Floyd Amendment is ‘paranoia and not legitimate.’

Sent August 5, 2019.  This is the third letter to NC House Reps to  Nix Floyd Amendment that gets rid of voter ID on absentee ballots and to pass SB 250 with transparency clause before they go home.   Thank you for your continued calls and emails to our NC House representatives.  Without your 'pressuer,' they would not have even considered these two pieces of legislation.  

Dear Representative David Lewis, GOP House Representatives, GOP Chairs and Central Committee:   

On July 25th, 2019, Representative David Lewis wrote to County Chairs and Vice Chairs and Central Committee regarding the Floyd Amendment and in response to the letters and phone calls to him and to the NC House GOP delegation.

 "While many of you may have heard from your constituents and/or your local party, the “Floyd Amendment” has raised concerns far beyond its actual impact and most of what you’ve read is merely paranoia and not legitimate. ..."


In the same letter, he then goes on to refute his own claim: "However, out of an abundance of caution, and in response to concerns our Members have raised, we are working on a PCS for SB683 which requires every ballot request to include the copy of the ID, or the last four digits of the SSN or their drivers’ license number if the voter uses an affidavit. This “belt and suspender” approach will fully address every issue being raised by some of your local parties and activists."

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Our fears are far from ‘paranoia and not legitimate.’ 

On July 31, 2019, Voter Integrity Project published a “response to some reported legislative skepticism over our sense of urgency behind our warnings to fix the Floyd Amendment. (We’ve) been asked to elaborate on why it’s important to require non-ID voters to provide some form of government-issued personally-identifying information (called P-I-I), such as either a DMV-issued ID card/driver license number or the last four digits of their social security number (or SSN-4).

Fact:   Attorney General Josh Stein’s stunning admission, before a live audience, that “the bulk of voter fraud occurs absentee.”  Setting aside the obvious question to our state’s top law enforcement officer (“what are you going to do about it?”), we see this as something other than paranoia. We call it a “fact” with which, other informed attorneys agree. In short, we all know it’s happening, but the elite generally pretends otherwise and too many District Attorneys in NC don’t bother prosecuting this crime. “(See Sum Of All Our Fears, VIP, July 31, 2019)

Fact:  Then there are the Four indictments of a North Texas vote ring.  (This case) “shows how just four people were charged with 30 felony counts of being in an absentee ballot fraud ring that targeted elderly voters. The only reason they were caught was that a wealthy candidate, who had a substantial polling lead but suddenly lost a Dallas-area election, contacted one of (Voter Integrity Project) election counterparts. The candidate commissioned Aaron Harris to “go find out why I lost.” The best approach was for Harris to train a team of citizen canvassers and they knocked on the doors of several hundred absentee voters. Eventually, a pattern emerged and they contacted the District Attorney. Since Texas DA’s are not afraid to prosecute such crimes, the rest is history. That was a lot of work to get four prosecutions, but it proves why prevention is a far more effective course of action.” (See Sum Of All Our Fears, VIP, July 31, 2019)

Demanding a valid voter ID on an absentee ballot is not ‘paranoia.’ It is a legitimate concern. Valid government voter ID on absentee ballots assures each legitimate vote counts. Floyd makes it easy for illegals and felons to cancel out our votes.

Demanding Proof of Citizenship should not be up for debate, let alone removed from voter requirements.

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stipulates that the right to vote in federal elections for the Senate, House of Representatives and presidency is limited to U.S. citizens. With few exceptions, most state constitutions explicitly authorize only resident citizens to vote in state and local elections.

In addition to demanding the removal of the Floyd Amendment, Senate Bill 250, a law to help election officials detect, remove, and prosecute non-citizen voters, needs to be passed but with the original version of Senate Bill 250 clause back into the law:

“If a person is excused from jury duty for any reason relating to [voting] qualifications . . . the record of his or her name, address, reason for excusal, and the date of excusal shall be a public record under G.S. 132-1.”

SB 250 assures public oversight.  In North Carolina, jury lists come from both the DMV and the voter rolls. The courts frequently disqualify (among others) non-citizens, felons, non-residents, and deceased persons, but they never reveal those identified people to election officials. This is despite the fact that such disqualified jurors cannot vote legally in that county. SB 250 requires the courts to disclosed the names to the BOE and it requires the BOE to investigate them for removal. But it lacks accountability. Without public oversight, nothing short of costly litigation would make them investigate those voters for removal. Greater public oversight and transparency is the better way to insure their compliance with the law.

“Without transparency in election law, taxpayers labor for the government,” said Jay DeLancy. “It should be the other way around.”

We also understand that you are working on our NC budget, which is great.  Our fear is that you will finish the budget and go home before fixing Floyd or SB 250.  We will continue to press this issue until you nix Floyd and pass SB 250 with the original version of SB 250 clause back into the law.   We are not going away until this is resolved.  Let’s not make this an election issue.   We really would like to have you re-elected, gain seats, and win back your super-majority. 

Remember, in addition to losing the super-majority in the House, we lost the governorship.  A 6 to 2 conservative majority on the NC Supreme Court was turned into a 6 to 1 liberal progressive majority.  We also lost our judicial races leaving our state in the hands of judicial activists who legislate from the bench, have no regard for our Constitution, and no respect for life or liberty.   This is absolutely unacceptable.   Caving to these progressive socialists in the legislature on the issue of valid government ID after all of the years of resistance from the GOP is incomprehensible.   Why would you engineer your own demise? If NC goes the way of Colorado and Minnesota, the South is gone.  This will be on your heads.

We wish to shout your praises. Make this a great accomplishment.  Please restore our trust in our sacred ability to vote with confidence. 

Thank you,

Jane Bilello

209 986 3845

218 Vincent Place

Hendersonville, NC 28739

NC House 113

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