Voter ID On Absentee Ballots is NOT on the Agenda on Rep David Lewis’ Rules Committee. Make them stay in Raleigh until it gets done!

SB 683  that effectively re-instates valid voter ID on absentee ballots and stiffens the penalties for vote fraud from misdemeanors to felonies, is not on the agenda for Tuesday, 8/20  NC House Rules Committee chaired by Rep David Lewis.  We were told that SB 683 would go to the Rules committee this week.  

Short recap:  Under the leadership of Rep David Lewis, the entire GOP delegation, minus Rep Michele Presnell, voted for the Floyd Amendment in December 2018,  The Floyd Amendment effectively removed valid government ID on absentee ballots, paving the way for illegals, felons and other illegitimate entities to vote absentee with impunity.  This was after years of GOP resistance to the Democrat demands. 

After three letters, your many phone calls and emails protesting Lewis'absurd claim that our concerns about the  Floyd Amendment were   far beyond its actual impact and most of what you’ve read is merely paranoia and not legitimate,"  he finally recognized that Floyd had to go and SB 683 had to be fixed.  

Last week we sent Rep David Lewis and the GOP delegation a Thank You and a promise to track SB 683's progress through the Rules Committee this week,  a House vote, a Senate Conference Committee, and a Senate vote. " ... We will be closely monitoring SB 683’sprogress, changes, if any, and we will be encouraging North Carolinians to thank you for fixing Floyd while encouraging the Senate to accept the House version with the Floyd fix.  ..."

So, here we are!  A week later and no SB 683 on the House Rules Committee Agenda!  It looks like there has been no movement on SB 683 in the Rules committee since 7/11/2019.  (See History block.) When I called Lewis' office for the second time, David, Legislative Assistant, tried to assure me that Rep Lewis was working on it and SB 683 would be heard later in the week.  'I must be patient!'  'Patient' and trusting would be easy if the entire GOP delegation (minus Rep Presnell)  had not taken that vote last December to nix voter ID on absentee ballots!)  

The plan to assure The NC House Rules Committee doesn't leave before getting SB 283 to the House floor for a vote:   

  Please CALL REP DAVID LEWIS at  919-715-3015 and SPEAKER TIM  MOORE at 919-733-3451 and tell them you are following up on last week's the calls and letter of Thanks for revising SB 683 that re-instates Personal Identifying Information on absentee ballots by nixing the Floyd Amendment. 

Thank them for putting SB 250 on  the August 20, 2019 agenda 

(Senate Bill 250, a law to help election officials detect, remove, and prosecute non-citizen voters.) 

However, it's now time to get SB 683 out of the Rules Committee and out to the House floor for a vote before you leave Raleigh.  

Then ask for a date and time when SB 683 will be on the Rules Committee Agenda this week.  (If you have to leave a message, please leave your phone number and request a call back.)

Thank you for taking the time to do this.  We don't want NC turning into CA!  

All that evil needs to take hold is for good men (and women) to do nothing.  Silence is Action!  

Please don't leave this to someone else.  Think of the world you want to leave your children and grandchildren.  


CCNC Board

Jane Bilello

Jordan Bowman

Sue Butcher

Jim Womack



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