Voting Machine Madness

Voter Integrity Project:  Voting Machine Madness  

" ... Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Robert Epstein, the lawfare by Dennis Preager, and the undercover journalism of gutsy people like James O’Keefe, the question no longer involves whether such an evil programmer exists. They do exist and have been caught admitting they will use their technology to prevent certain outcomes in future elections. The only question is “how far will they go?”

But don’t just take our word for it. In what must be a rare alignment with the sun, moon, Mars, and Jupiter, we at Voter Integrity Project agree with both the Fayetteville Observer and the far-left NC Policy Watch on the need to terminate any aspect of voting that erodes public trust. The ES&S system looks like a very bad idea.


Sadly, the easiest way to prevent this erosion (and possible) hacking or our electoral process was swung on and missed by the State Board of Elections. Two Republicans and a Democrat certified the barcode-based ES&S system. But there are still viable ways to derail that train. ..."

Read the entire article here and then call your lawmakers.  

Action Alert!  All 100 NC counties are able to purchase new voting systems and they can select any of the three systems certified in our state. The most urgent purchases will come from those who still have the DRE and they can be discovered on the NC State BOE’s site (click here).

Call you county commissioners and make sure your county doesn't not have barcoded voting machines.

  It’s up to the public-at-large to stop County Commissions from spending tax dollars on barcode voting systems. We get the elections we deserve . . . so the ball is in your court!