We’re Almost There with Voter ID on Absentee Ballots. Two more hurdles to go!

Thanks to your many phone calls and emails, we are almost over the finish line to get voter ID requirements back into absentee ballots. But, there are two more hurdles to go.

THE VERY GOOD NEWS! The NC House Rules Committee revised SB 683, Combat Absentee Ballot Fraud by nixing the Floyd Amendment and making it a felony, instead of a misdemeanor, to commit voter fraud! Before we start popping the campaign cork, we have two more hurdles to go.

 Rules Committee will be reviewing SB 683  possibly by  Monday, August 19, 2019.  It will hopefully proceed to the House floor for a vote before proceeding to a conference committee with the Senate.

We will be closely monitoring SB 683’s progress, changes, if any.  We will be encouraging you, our army of conservatives, to call the  Senate to accept the House version with the Floyd fix.   (For the copy of the letter to Rep David Lewis see here.)

Week of August 12 2019:

Please call Rep David Lewis, Chair of NC House Rules Committee, to say Thank You for nixing the Floyd Amendment by re-instating legitimate government ID requirements on absentee ballots. Make sure you tell him that you will be monitoring SB 683's progress in the Rules Committee and to a vote in the House.


Then call your NC House Reps and tell them to vote for SB 683 to assure that we have government voter ID on absentee ballots. (See page 6, lines 14 to 31)


See letter to Rep David Lewis: Thank You for Nixing the Floyd Amendment and Re-Instating Voter ID in Absentee Ballots