What happens when the illegal alien invasion reaches our U.S. border?? Buncombe Needs Poll Worker Volunteers.

 Next TeaTime Thursday, 11/15/2018 at 6PM at IHOP, 229 Airport Rd., Arden. Among other things ... 
Plans for the Christmas Party and 2019 Goals and Projects
It's not too late to help by volunteering to man the polls. 
 First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who answered the call and volunteered for early voting at 
 Fairview Library in Buncombe.    As you know, it was vandalized Sunday morning 10/22. Buncombe GOP's staked and sandbagged tent canopy were destroyed, along with election material.. 

We now need folks at other sites on election day in Buncombe.  To help out, please call Lisa Baldwin 828 243 6590 and/or Ken Hawkins 828 231 7758.  Reports are that many folks are welcoming GOP ballots, which is great news.  Those UNAs will decide this election.  Make it happen on your watch!  

And, if vandalism wasn't bad enough... Shad Higgins Buncombe County Sheriff Candidates' Business Burned. Arson Suspected.  Please help Shad.
Disgusting Texas Imam Calls On Muslims to Kill Jews .  So why is he still walking around?  Isn't this Islamic terrorism?


Caravan of Invaders
Important Election News

National Council of State Legislatures:  34 States Have Voter ID Laws.
NC needs to be #35!  
Voter Integrity Project: Vote for Voter ID Amendment! 

Socialism vs Capitalism

Educating Liberals - pass it around ... 

Daily Signal 
" The movie about Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist in Philadelphia who went to prison after being convicted of the murder of three babies, briefly cracked the Top 10  at the U.S. box office but also continues to face what its producers call censorship."
All hands on deck!
It's not too late to help by volunteering to man the polls.  
The only way we lose this Republic is if you stay home  Grab 4 friends and Go Vote!  


Judges and the Six Amendments, including Voter ID MUST be passed in November!  Get out and vote and bring friends!  
Please counter the Left and post and share your support on Facebook for NC Voter ID and on NC Senator Chuck Edwards page - Vote For ALL Six Amendments. 


Angry Buncombe Taxpayers say Stop the Theft and Corruption. Drain the Swamp in Buncombe County. Vote Republican November 6th.
 Time for a drastic change.


For Any Volunteers 
Henderson County 
        42 MCMURRAY RD , FLAT ROCK, NC 28731
    •  6PM to 111PM 


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And remember ... this is the most important election in more than 100 years.  We will either be a Republic or a socialist state after Nov 6th - no kidding.


 1 ticket for $10.00
3 tickets for $25
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