Why Lynda Bennett is Right for NC11 by David Shipp

   David Madison Cawthorn's campaign boils down to "I'm a really nice
guy and I'm running for Congress. Vote for me, I will fight for you". 
Go to his web page and  find the points that he stands for or is willing
to fight for.  At best they are vague sound bites.  Is that what we want
to represent us?   Vague promises from some one with little or no
experience in politics?

Now I am not suggesting that any of that is false. I am sure he is a
really nice guy. How ever. Don't we want some who will not have to spend
his first year in office learning how to work with Washington
Conservatives?  spending time proving exactly what  he believes in, what
he is willing to fight for!   Does he have the history or experience to
get the support of groups,  like the freedom Caucus and does he have the
experience to be able to fend off the swamp. In my opinion, he may well
be a great representative some day, but at this point, I can't see any
evidence that he has the knowledge or the experience to succeed , or the
support that he will need as a junior congressman. Another factor that
bothers me, is that He has used Convention Of States talking points and for me that is a
red flag.  It indicates to me that he does not have the needed
experience to know what is needed and what is hype.  Being a nice guy
with good intentions, who will fight for me just doesn't sound like the
qualifications a representative needs. What is that old saying about
good intentions?

On the other hand, Lynda Bennett has the support of Washington
Conservatives. If you go to Lynda's web page there is no secret about
what she believes, what her hopes are. and what her history is,    She
was selected by insider conservatives to replace Mark Meadows. Many of
those conservatives have also written endorsements. These are the same
insiders who worked with  Mark Meadows for him to become one of the most
Constitutional representatives in Washington.It is my opinion that we do
not know all the negatives that working in congress entails. Shouldn't
we have some faith in those who have been working there and have fought
for us in the past, to have a better idea who is best to replace
Representative Meadows with?   I have confidence in the fact that some
reputable people have picked Lynda.  Lynda  sounds to me like, not only
some one who  will fight for District eleven, but also  someone with who
will have the support to help her keep The Democrats in line. 
(hopefully there will a lot fewer) Oh, and I have met and spoken to her.
She is also a really nice person. So is her husband. Lynda is who I want
to represent me. Some one I know will support the Constitution, some
one  with history to know who to trust, and someone with the support to
help her in fighting the swamp.

Vague promises with no history to back up the promises are just not
enough. To me, it's like asking me to vote for the most beautiful or the
most handsome candidate.   Maybe next time.

If you find anything I have said appears to be with out merit, I have
given this a good deal of thought, and I can back up any of the points I
have made!

David Shipp

Do your own research;

Here's her web page. https://lyndaforcongress.com/

Here's his web page:  https://madisoncawthorn.com/