Why volunteer at the polls? Poll Greeter Information/Early Voting and Election Day Priority Sites

Many have asked how to help with the election.  Volunteer for poll greeter during early voting and election day. Campaign materials are in Robert Malt's office 2161 Hendersonville Rd., Ste g, AVL, NC 28704 (next door to Black Forest restaurant.)  Office 800 574 9211.

 iCaucus and ATPAC Citizen Endorsed candidates ballot:  www.ashevilleteapac.org

Vital Poll Greeter Volunteer Training Info Notes.  Thank you Robert Malt and Betty Jackson.  See www.ashevilleteaparty.org for early voting and election day priority polling sites to volunteer.

Early Voting and Election Day Priority Poll Locations and Schedules listed below.  Keep scrolling.  Call Betty Jackson to sign up:  828 676 0497. bettycjackson@att.net

Why volunteer at the polls?

  • 30% of voters will leave the non-partisan races (school board and judges) blank
  • 30% more will fill out some/most non-partisan races based on little/no info

So there are lots of persuadable voters walking toward us at the polls

How to be effective?

  • Just standing thee, holding maerials will NOT work!
  • People don’t want to be bothered.  They want to be helped.
  • The goal is not to give your material to the voter.  The goal is to get the voter to want to take it from you.
  • You need a hook to get the attention and provide an emotional response from the voter.
  • Don’t wait until the voter is in your personal space.  Get their attention 50 feet away and keep talking as they approach.  
  • Don’t have converstions.  You’ll miss approaching voters.


  • Make sure our kids get textbooks … don’t forget the non-partisan school board!
  • Don’t forget the judges!/Don’t forget the school board!  Don’t forget the non-partisan races!
  • Don’t leave half of your ballot blank!  Half the ballot is non-partisan … don’t leave it blank!
  • Conservative judges need your vote!  There is no “R” next to the names.

Choosing your hook

  • Do what you are most comfortable doing … you will attract more people with authenticity … you will be more effective.
  • Use different hooks and handouts with different people.  Observe and decide.

See www.ashevilleteaparty.org for early voting and election day priority polling sites to volunteer.

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