Why You Should Vote For Jim Womack for BCGOP Chair!

Questions and Answers -- About Jim Womack for NCGOP Chairman


If you are going to the NCGOP convention, please vote for
one of us ...   Jim Womack for NCGOP Chair.  Volunteers also needed to make some phone calls.  Call Betty Edwards:  704 467 1348.  
Like him and find out more on Facebook. 
  1. Why should I vote for Jim Womack?


Answer- Our party is deeply divided between establishment operatives and grass roots activists.  Jim comes from the grass roots and is a solid, liberty-loving conservative.  But even more importantly, he is a career Army officer, a combat veteran, with a degree from West Point, and the energy and drive to rally the party faithful and get us back on a growth track.  We desperately need someone who can get all of our factions moving in the same direction.


  1. What has Womack done for the Party?


Answer- Jim has been a strong grass roots leader in Lee County and the 2nd District for years.  He has been a Precinct leader, Party Vice Chair and Party Chair in Lee County.  He gets Republicans elected every cycle in his democrat controlled county.  He has been on the state Executive Committee and served twice on the Resolutions Committee for the party.  He was a major player in Dan Forest’s two successful campaigns for Lt Gov and is a personal friend of the Dan – whom Jim will ensure is elected Governor in 2020.


  1. I don’t know anything about Womack…


Answer-  Well, he is a West Point graduate, a decorated, career Army officer with combat experience, who had a second career as an Information Technology executive in several companies (so he knows how to use digital methods to our party’s advantage).  He was a regional and national business unit manager so he knows how to build our NCGOP brand and sell it effectively in fundraising for the party. Jim has been a Lee County Commissioner and he chaired the state’s Mining & Energy Commission for two years where he demonstrated strong leadership in that politically charged atmosphere.  Plus, he is a grass roots conservative who works nearly full time for the party already!


  1. What’s wrong keeping Robin Hayes?


Answer- Robin is ‘old school’ establishment with no sense of unifying the party.  He and the central committee are suppressing the platform changes, plan of organization changes, and resolutions favored by the party base.  Under his leadership we lost the Governor’s race and control of the state supreme court last fall.  This means the effectiveness of our legislature will be diminished for the next six years.  Jim Womack would never have let that happen.  In his county, Jim showed how to make McCrory and Edmunds winners with a strong margin- by bringing unaffiliated voters and conservative democrats over to vote for our candidates.  Robin sat back and watched us lose those vitally important races across the state.





  1. Who is Womack running against?


Answer- Jim is running against Robin Hayes-- the guy who lost his last congressional race and his race for Governor many years ago; the guy the central committee brought back to be a figure head for the GOP when they fired Hasan Harnett last year.  Robin was in charge of the party when we lost the Governor’s race and the Supreme Court race last fall.


  1. Can Jim raise money?


Answer- Jim has been the chief fundraiser and support coordinator for the Lee County GOP- where they have a year-round Headquarters in a large former restaurant- one of the nicest GOP facilities in the state.  In his professional life, Jim was a national business unit manager and sales executive where he closed more than $100 Million in IT products and services over his 10-year career.  Jim knows how to build a brand, market it, and sell it to prospective contributors.  Plus, he ran a major healthcare IT business unit with strong profit margins.  He sustained cash flows to ensure no disruption in services.  Our party needs that kind of stability in Raleigh.


  1. Can Jim unify the Party?


Answer- The NCGOP has some deep divisions and we’ve lost a lot of great grass roots activists the past few years.  Jim is in contact with many of them and can bring them back into the party, once elected.  Jim is a servant leader, a combat-experienced veteran.  He knows how to build a team and achieve tough objectives.  He has a plan to reform our Plan of Organization and restore governance so all Republicans have a voice in the party’s affairs.  He will change the way we over-charge for conventions and set them up to get business done there.  Jim knows how to work with all our factions and get us working together to win future elections.


  1. Isn’t Jim Womack the guy who defended Hasan Harnett at his trial last year?


Answer- Yes, he did.  Jim volunteered to prepare a defense of Mr. Harnett because he felt it was the right thing to do.  Whether you agreed or disagreed with Hasan’s actions as Chairman, he was our duly elected Chairman and he was being denied due process in the trial the Central Committee called last April.  When Jim inquired about why Hasan was being removed, he discovered many unethical and potentially illegal actions by the Central Committee.  Hasan was not available to defend himself at the trail because he was out of the country on a business trip.  Jim acted as an advocate at Hasan’s trial in an attempt to present the evidence he had on Central Committee malfeasances and to seek a mediation process where the party would not be harmed.  Jim did his best to remediate the situation, but to no avail. 






  1. Is Jim going to keep Dallas Woodhouse on as Executive Director if he wins?


Answer- Jim has several very strong and proven candidates he would support to be the next NCGOP Executive Director.  Dallas Woodhouse is not one of them.


  1. What is Jim going to do to support the party base- the counties and precincts?


Answer- Jim is going to reform the state plan of organization over the next year, restoring control of the party back to the Executive Committee which has better representation from the counties.  He will ensure information flows more freely to the lowest levels.  Jim will bring the Plan of Organization into the 21st century, putting a strong emphasis on using social media, digital methods, and modern communications tools and technologies into our basic operations.  He will push automated capabilities down for use at the precinct and county levels- empowering our grass roots workers with the tools they need to be effective.  Jim is all about growing the base in size and level of commitment.  He plans to greatly reduce the costs for participation in state conventions and other special events.  Finally, he will travel around all over the state visiting counties and precinct leaders, getting to know their patriot workers, discovering their best practices, and listening to what they need from the state.


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