Why you shouldn’t vote for Tillis for US Senate/Back Brannon!

Why You Should Vote For Dr. Greg Brannon (R), Candidate for U.S. Senate and Not Thom Tillis


Conveniently, the day after Brannon filed for office, a Democrat judge -  now under ethics investigation - found Dr. Greg Brannon guilty of ‘misleading investors’ in a company Brannon was marginally involved.  The judge used the same evidence to find the CEO and management of the company innocent!  Brannon even offered to cash in his retirement to reimburse the investor who knew full well that the investment was a high tech risk venture capital company.  This Democrat chose instead to sue! 


Brannon, knows the Constitution and our Founding Documents cold and is committed to do what ever it takes to restore our Republic. 


Polls have repeatedly shown that Brannon can beat Kay Hagan in November though he is being outspent 10-1 by lobbyist backed Karl Rove Republican establishment candidate, Thom Tillis


Over 400,000 North Carolinians have lost their insurance and doctors as a result of Obamacare and Tillis thinks it is “a great idea that cannot be paid for.”  Doctor Brannon insists it must be repealed. 


Why did groups like Civitas Action give Thom Tillis and “F” rating on his voting record?


Tillis pushed a tax package that added additional tax burdens on every business making less than $225,000 per year and cut taxes on any company making more than $225,000.  The company that makes $50,000 a year in profit will be assessed an additional $27,000 in NC taxes.


Tillis leads the charge for toll lanes (that he calls Hot Lanes) on I-77 yet he tells the Truckers Association “I do not want toll corridors in North Carolina.”  They both charge tolls, contribute to congestion, and steal more of our money.


He fired the Chair of Finance, Rep Thom Brawley, who disagreed with him.  What happened to open government? 


In March, a complaint was filed with the Legislative Ethics committee because Tillis appointed campaign contributor, Democrat R. Doyle Parrish to the UNC Board of Governors. Why the complaint?  In Tillis’ words in an email to House leaders on March 21, 2013:   “I would estimate he (Parrish) is directly responsible for more than $100,000 in financial support through personal contributions to my campaign committee and other candidates and through the Hospitality Alliance.”  What do you think Tillis will do in DC?  Pay to Play! 


Tillis passed legislation that gave a monopoly business to his ‘friend.’  A Superior Court Judge in Raleigh granted an injunction and blocked a state law on bail bondsmen training.  The law would have made Bail Agents Association the only group allowed to provide training.  Bottom line:  the law was unconstitutional, unethical and a disregard of the rule of law. 


Tillis allowed forced annexation to continue on 23 acres of private property in Iredell County town of Troutman.  The bill to de-annex the 23 acres of private property passed one committee and is now ‘stuck’ in another and Tillis controls where it goes.


Tillis passed legislation  restricting broadband companies from competing with Time Warner.  Does a campaign contribution $39,000 from Time Warner presents ethics and conflict of interest- ya think?  


From National Association for Gun Rights: Dr. Greg Brannon not only returned his National Association for Gun Rights Federal Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun, he's enthusiastically promised to do every thing he can as a U.S. Senator to: 

*** Restore the Second Amendment rights of all Americans by working to abolish EVERY unconstitutional federal gun law currently on the books;

*** Defeat the United Nations' "Small Arms Treaty." Dr. Brannon opposes ALL attempts by the United Nations to regulate firearms, and pledges to fight to cut taxpayer funding that props up the U.N.'s anti-gun agenda;

*** Block all efforts by the federal government to further infringe on the gun rights of the people of the state of North Carolina;

*** Stop any attempt by Barack Obama or Dianne Feinsteinto reinstate the so-called "Assault Weapons Ban;"

*** Block a National Gun Registry. Anti-gunners are screaming for a way to track as many gun owners as possible, but Greg Brannon will oppose each and every one of the gun-grabbers schemes to dump the names of gun owners into a national gun registry.

That's EXACTLY the type of leadership gun owners need!

But the contrast between Dr. Brannon and his primary opponent, Thom Tillis, couldn't be more stark.

Thom Tillis REFUSED to return his National Association for Gun Rights candidate survey. “



Dr Greg Brannon Endorsements:

  • Glen Beck: the strongest ‘out of the box” candidate he has ever interviewed.
  • former Congressman Ron Paul
  • Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee
  • Ann Coulter
  • Red States Eric Erickson
  • the National Association of Gun Rights
  • Grassroots North Carolina
  • iCaucus and their many affiliate groups
  • FreedomWorks
  • Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund as well as many other citizen and Tea Party organizations.  


See for yourself. Google You Tube - Greg Brannon and watch Brannon's  speeches on the Constitution, the Second Amendment, traditional marriage, and much more.  


Don't be misled - again!  Vote Dr. Greg Brannon for U.S. Senate


Submitted by Jane Bilello, Chair Asheville Tea PAC


Links to supporting documentation:









Civitas Action:  www.civitasaction.org













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