You’re Invited! Fun Family Day at Fletcher Park, Saturday, May 17th/Free event. See the Bug Out Truck/Support our iCaucus Candidates

You are invited!

On Saturday, May 17th, Asheville Tea PAC is hosting a Fundraiser

for 2014 iCaucus Endorsed Candidates

Free event

When:  Noon – 3 PM

Where:  Fletcher Community Park 85 Howard Gap, Rd., Fletcher, NC 28732 (828) 687 0751 

Food by Great American Dog. Music. Patriotic Crafts.  Playground for kids.  Much more!

Tickets for the Bug Out Truck raffle donated to our candidates.  Ticket donation each $20.00.  Fully loaded with readiness supplies including an AR-15, shotgun and rifle.   See here for details. Truck drawing: July 4, 2014.    Come to see it!

Please RSVP or at 828 683 1863 that you are joining us so we have enough food. 

  ‘Taking Back Our Government, One Candidate At A Time!’

Come to support candidates who submitted to the iCaucus Citizen-Led Job Interview and made commitments to the Constitutional principles of individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.

A true bottom up, grassroots endorsement! 

Meet the candidates. Come to support:


US Congress NC 11:  Mark Meadows

Henderson County Sheriff:  Sheriff Charles McDonald

NC House 113:  Rep. Chris Whitmire

NC Senate 50:  Jim Davis

NC Supreme Court Chief Justice:  Justice Mark Martin

NC Supreme Court:  Judge Robert (Bob) Hunter

NC Court of Appeals:  Judge Bill Southern

NC Court of Appeals: Judge Paul Holocombe

 * NC Supreme Court:  Jeanette Doran

 Dr Dan Eichenbaum:  Cherokee County Commissioner

In the iCaucus Process

                             NC Supreme Court:  Judge Eric Levinson

NC Court of Appeals Judge:  Judge Paul Holcombe

 Haywood County Commissioner: Windy McKinney

NC House 117: Shelby Mood

iCaucus process of citizen endorsement: The Asheville Tea PAC endorsement program is performed in conjunction with the assessment process of the iCaucus Citizen-Led Job Interview process.  iCaucus maintains a standard that satisfies our criteria for evaluating candidates.   Go to and for more information.  

ATPAC Mission Statement:  Our purpose in forming the Asheville Tea PAC is to legally support candidates who advance our core values:  individual rights, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.  Donations are non-tax deductible.

Paid for by Asheville Tea PAC and not by any candidate or candidate's committee.  

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